Industrial service providers and capital goods manufacturers

  • Development, construction, production, assembly and commissioning of components or complete systems according to customer requirements
  • Individual solutions with exact manufacturing accuracy
  • Repair, maintenance, conversion, implementation, expansion of existing machines and systems
  • Industrieservice
  • Compressed air technology /service (specializing in KAESER compressors)
  • Weapons manufacturing license


  • special machines, plants, aggregates and Components for the capital goods industry
  • Filter systems for particle filtration
  • Container construction
  • Steel
  • Mech. Processing of pre- and finished workpieces
  • Construction and revision of drilling and construction machinery
  • Fine machining in automatic machine construction down to the zero dimension range
  • Production of weapons parts and total weapons
  • Werkzeugbau
  • Produktion von Analogfilmherstellungsanlagen

Services, etc.

  • technological steel construction
  • Assembly services for all chemical, pharmaceutical and production equipment and plant construction
  • Welding structures of all kinds
  • Profile construction
  • Aluminum profile construction
  • Industriedienstleistungen
  • Wartung, Inspektion und Instandsetzung von maschinellen Einrichtungen
  • Werkzeuginstandsetzung (schleifen, schärfen)
  • Instandsetzung von film- und fototechnischen Anlagen


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CNC Combined milling and
drilling station
table 3860 x 1200 mm
process path: x = 3500 mm
y = 1400 mm
z = 1200 mm
boring mill Spindle ø 63 mm table 900 x 800 mm
· Spindle ø 80 mm Tisch 1400 x 1250 mm
· Spindle ø 100 mm table 1265 x 1120 mm
milling machine table = 1250 x B = 400 mm; max. cutting width 270 x 900 mm
· Spindel ø 80 mm Tisch 1400 x 1250 mm
· Spindel ø 100 mm Tisch 1265 x 1120 mm
planning machine table = 3020 x B = 1120 mm
copy planning machine table = 2000 x B = 710 mm
turning lathe without holding fixture for long work pieces ø 580 x L = 6000 mm max. face plate ø 1000 mm
turning with holding fixture for long work pieces ø 350 x L = 6000 mm max. face plate ø 1000 mm
vertical boring mill table ø 1300; ø 1000 x H = 800 mm max.
circular grinding machine ø 375 x L = 2500 mm max.
welding welding company according to DIN EN 729-3 and DIN EN 719
producer according to AD HP0/TRR 100
welding procedures MAG, MAG-M, WIG, e-hand
welder approved to DIN EN 287
gas cutting: autogenous - steel
plasma - stainless steel
up to 50 mm plate of thickness - continuous operation
up to 70 mm plate of thickness - individual
shears / folding benches shearing up to 2000 mm length: plate of thickness: 10 mm steel
6 mm stainless steel
shearing up to 3000 mm length: plate of thickness: 3 mm stainless steel
folding up to 2000 mm length: plate of thickness: 5 mm steel
3 mm stainless steel
three-roller bending machine for rounding sheet metal length = 2500 mm max.
steel up to 10 mm plate of thickness
stainless steel up to 6 mm plate of thickness
strips of sheet metal can be thicker
profile cutting   for cutting off flat sections and angle steel from rods
eroding wire eroding machine: width = 140 x length = 240 x height = 80 mm
counter eroding machine:  width = 400 x length = 600 x height = 250 mm
other machines : press 100 tons
drilling machines
radial drilling machines
balancing machines
automatic band saws, circular saws, hack saws
tool and cutter grinders, grinding machines for saws ...

Workshop crane up to  10 tons of lifting  capacity
calibrated measuring means and test agents with regard to tolerance =0 (degree of accuracy)


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