The BA 300 coating system

The BA 300 coating system is used for testing new coating solutions and foundries. It is technically possible to realize a layer width of up to 280 mm depending on the installed foundry.

The BA 300 enables the coating of flexible materials with fluid media by casting  under cleanroom conditions. The material transport is carried out by means of motor drive from roll to roll.

After unwinding the coil, a surface modification is made by the pre-switched  corona system.  This modification improves the coating properties of the substrate. After coating at the application point with adapted coating units, the applied layer(s) is solidify.

The solidification of the applied layer(s) can be carried out depending on the material to be coated by means of carbon emitters  (long-wave light), infrared emitters (short-wave light) or with appropriately treated air in the convection dryer. The treated air can be adjusted in the dryer so that the drying takes place on the side, on the back or on both sides.

The coated and dried material web is then rewound or provided with an intermediate layer.

Technical Data:

Länge: ca. 6915 mm
Breite: ca. 790 mm
Höhe: ca. 2300 mm
Max. Beschichtungsbreite 280 mm
Max. Folienbreite: 300 mm
Min. Maschinengeschwindigkeit: 1 m/min
Max. Maschinengeschwindigkeit: 100 m/min
Max. Zugspannung: 50 N
Pneumatischer Anschluss: 6 bar
Elektro-Anschluss: 400V /50 Hz

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